Nos services

periodic maintenance

Periodic maintenance of screw and reciprocating compressors as well as all filtration systems brands.

Compressors repair

Repair and service for screw and reciprocating compressors of all brands in your factory or at our workshop.

Detection of air leaks

The detection of air leakage with ultrasound can bring high benefits. These air leaks can represent 20% to 40 % of the average compressed air consumption of a plant.

Energy saving

Consists in an analysis of the compressed air system which is performed for seven days. The analysis report that is given to you contains the following information : the compressor air flow and the speed of the system output filtration , the energy consumed by the compressors , the actual pressure at the outlet of compressor thereby enabling to understand the overall behavior of your network . This report allows us to make the necessary changes to optimize your system and thereby enable you to make substantial energy savings. (Possibility of a Hydro-Québec grant)

Pressured air network

Compressed air system installation in different pipes ranging from 3/8 inch to 12 inches in diameter. Transair aluminum piping , is highly appreciated by customers for its quality and superior performance and design (see photo) . We also offer steel pipe , Victaulic , copper, aluminum , Teseo , Aircom , Champion and plastic Airmax , Duratec and stainless.